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Soren Rose was born in 1972 in a small village called Svendbor, just a few hours outside of Copenhagen. His mother is an artist and father a businessman, giving him the ideal ingredients to succeed as a serial entrepreneur. Perpetually curious and self-motivated, Rose stands by just one rule for every product he designs and every company he starts – if you don’t have passion for it, don’t do it.   

Splitting time between Copenhagen and New York, Rose’s primary focus today is on running Klein and Soren Rose Studio. In addition to spending time with his family, he loves music, travel, art and design, so much so for the last portion that he decided to make it his occupation.

A self-identified minimalist who’s still a materialist, he is continuously propelled to upgrade, albeit a better phone, bike, car, running shoe, he’s captivated when innovation and style collide. But this oxymoron of a minimalist materialist has allowed him to take this philosophy and apply it to his own design operation- if he feels he has something to contribute to an industry and a strong passion, he’s willing to go for it.  The philosophy, never be afraid to question, reinvent or shift an industry. 


Some of the successful companies Rose founded include the following:

In 1994, Rose founded his first company In2media, which which recently changed its name to Charlie Tango. Today, it is one of Scandinavia’s leading new media agencies. In2media and its subsidiaries had more than 100 employees working from Copenhagen when the company was sold in 2017, inventing such notables as MobilePay which today is the preferred electronic payment app in Denmark. 

In 2006, Trunk Archive was founded with Sunstone Capital and 13 private investors. The company is based in New York with more than 40 employees representing the world’s leading photographers in image licensing. Sold to a group of investors in 2013, the reach of this innovative agency is truly phenomenal. To understand, look at your iPad – chances are the background image came from Trunk.

In 2009, marked the first year of Soren Rose Studio, a multidisciplinary design studio with a focus on interior design, architecture and product design. With offices in Copenhagen and New York, Rose is the Creative Director, influenced by both cities to collide the raw with the refined. To date Soren Rose Studio has created some of the most celebrated interiors, furnishings and products in the industry, servicing both commercial and private clients.

In 2017 Rose founded Klein, with the ambition to reinvent the tiny house. Believing that tiny living will be an essential for our future, he called on leading architects from around the globe to create a diverse catalogue of distinct small homes. The first launch, A45 by BIG (Bjarke Ingles Group) celebrates simple Scandinavian utility masterfully contained within a 45 degree tilted classic a-frame design that’s can be configured for complete off-grid living, allowing city dwellers the ideal creative escape. 


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